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Hanoi Hilton

Front door of the Hanoi Hilton

Country kids

Northern kids in the countryside

Ninh Binh

Local traffic in Ninh Binh

From above

The Ninh Binh area from above

Ninh Bihn

Local rice farmer

Rice Harvest

Harvesting rice in the Central Highlands

Pier in Hoi An

On the pier in Hoi An

Fish Vendor

Hoi An fish vendor

Boat in the Perfume River

Down the Perfume River, Hue

Chinese Temple in Hue

Chinese influenced temple in Hue

Caodai temple

A Caodai temple and worshippers. Caodism is a religion unique to Vietnam. It's followers believe in a blend of the major religions: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism.



A tour guide shows the entrance to the Cu Chi tunnels